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Shenzhen Contract Drafting and Disputes Attorney

In any business, one of the best ways to avoid litigation is understandable and clear contract preparation. Our Shenzhen contract drafting lawyers are skilled in the art of drafting agreements of all types to protect you. We represent public and private sector entities; from sole proprietorships to major corporate entities, we can help protect your business interests and your rights.

Our experienced business law attorneys have the background to minimize your liability and preserve your interests when disputes arise. We draft, review and interpret, and revise a broad range of business contracts, including:

• Construction Contracts
• Real Estate Purchase, Lease and Financing Agreements
• Employment Contracts and Covenants Not to Compete
• Noncompete Agreements
• Confidentiality Agreements
• Independent Contractor Agreements
• Loan Agreements, Promissory Notes, and Security Instruments
• Stock Purchase or Shareholder Agreements
• Settlement Agreements
• Design Contracts
• Purchase Orders

Whether you wish to sell you business, add a partner, buy or sell land, terminate an employee or receive an important change order, the writing is critical and we can help.

Know Your Rights and Obligations

A properly drafted contract clearly defines the rights and obligations of all parties involved. Our skilled business contract lawyers can help you anticipate and make provisions for many common problems and pitfalls that can lead to disputes and costly litigation. By carefully documenting or reviewing terms, conditions and responsibilities today, you can avoid problems that jeopardize long-range business strategies and keep you from successfully meeting your business objectives.

Front-End Considerations in Business Contracts

The goal is drafting a contract that anticipates likely scenarios and avoids ambiguity or loopholes that will lead to disputes or leave you "on the hook." Should you enter a long-term contract? Does the fine print favor you or the other party? How will disputes be resolved?

Our attorneys can advise on China contract law and whether contract law rules apply in your business deals with trade partners in other states. We also counsel clients who are doing business via invoice or purchase orders versus formal contracts.

In the event of contract disputes, our proven litigators can capably assert or defend your interests through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation.

We often assist business owners, corporations and individuals in negotiating and drafting contracts and agreements of all varieties. Partnering with our clients on the front-end of a contract formation allows our clients to obtain the best terms possible while making sure that they have the best chance of creating a contract that is both binding and reflects the terms of the negotiated agreement.

We also assist client in drafting and negotiating other numerous types of agreements including the following:
• Employment contracts
• Sales contracts
• Distribution Agreements
• Vendor Agreements
• Real Estate Contracts
• Intellectual Property Agreements
• Termination Agreements
• Business Sale Agreements
• Non-Compete Agreements and Restrictive Covenant Agreements
• Confidentiality Agreements
• Independent Contractor Agreements

Our shenzhen lawyer is experienced in drafting different types of contracts and agreements. Feel free to contact us for a free preliminary consultation.

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