(1) Taxpayers

The taxpayers of Consumption Tax include all enterprises, units, household businesses and other individuals engaged in production or importation of taxable consumer goods within the territory of the People's Republic of China. The taxable consumer goods exported by the taxpayers are exempt from Consumption Tax, unless the taxable consumer goods are restricted by the State from exportation.

(2) Taxable items and tax rates

Table of Consumption Tax Taxable Items and Rates:

Taxable itemsTax rates (tax amount)Note
1. Tobacco (1) Grade A Cigarettes (2) Grade B Cigarettes (3) Grade C Cigarettes (4) Cigars (5) Cut tobacco50% 40% 25% 25% 30% 
2. Alcoholic drinks and alcohol (1) white spirits made from cereal (2) white spirits made from potatoes (3) yellow spirits (4) beer (5) other alcoholic drinks (6) alcohol25% 15% 240 yuan per tonne 220 yuan per tonne 10% 5% 
3. Cosmetics30% 
4. Skin-care and hair-care products8%Perfumed soap currently taxed at 5%
5. Precious jewellery, pearls, precious jade and stones (1) Gold and silver jewellery (2) Other jewellery, pearls, precious jade and stones5% 10% 
6. Firecrackers and Fireworks15% 
7. Gasoline (1) Unleaded (2) Leaded0.2 yuan per litre 0.28 yuan per litre 
8. Diesel0.1 yuan per litre 
9. Motor Vehicle Tyres10% 
10. Motor-cycles10% 
11. Motor cars1% under 1000cc, 3-9% 1000-3000cc, 25% 3000-4000cc and 40% above 4000ccRate applied on the basis of the type and cylinder capacity of the car

(3) Computation of tax payable

The computation of Consumption Tax payable shall follow either the ad valorem principle or quantity-based principle. Generally, the producers of taxable consumer goods are the taxpayers and the Consumption Tax shall be paid on sales of the goods by the producers. The computing formula is:

a. Tax payable = sales amount of taxable consumer goods × Applicable tax rate , or b. Tax payable = sales volume of taxable consumer goods × Tax amount per unit

Imported taxable consumer goods to which Ad valorem method is applied in computing the tax payable shall be assessed according to the composite assessable price and the applicable rate.

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