(1) Taxpayers

Taxpayers of Business Tax include all enterprises, units, household businesses and other individuals engaged in provision of taxable services, transfer of intangible assets or in sales of immovable properties within the territory of the People's Republic of China.

(2) Taxable items and tax rates

Table of Business Tax Taxable Items and Rates:

Taxable itemsTax rates
1. communications and transportation3%
2. construction3%
3. financial and insurance businesses5%
4. post and tele-communication3%
5. culture and sports3%
6. entertainment5%-20%
7. services5%
8. transfer of intangible assets5%
9. sales of immovable properties5%

(3) Computation of tax payable

The amount of Business Tax payable is equal to the turnover times the applicable tax rate. The computing formula is:

Tax payable = Turnover × Applicable tax rate

(4) Major exemptions

Business Tax may be exempt for: nursing services provided by nurseries, kindergartens, old people's homes, welfare institutions for the handicapped, matchmaking and funeral services; services provided individually by the disabled to the public; medical services provided by hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions; educational services provided by schools and other educational institutions, and services provided by students in part-time work; agricultural mechanical ploughing, irrigation and drainage, prevention and treatment of plant diseases and insect pests, plant protection, insurance for farming and animal husbandry, and related technical training services, breeding and the prevention and treatment of diseases of poultry, livestock and aquatic animals; admission fees for cultural activities conducted by memorial hall, museum, cultural centre, art gallery, exhibition hall, academy of painting and calligraphy, library and cultural protective units, admission fees for cultural and religious activities taking place at religious premises.

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