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The law offices of A Shenzhen Criminal Defender has a wide range of criminal defense practice areas encompassing crimes of varying weight, from misdemeanors to felonies. Our experienced lawyers will use their expertise to conduct a skillful approach to your case and ensure all details are handled properly. In many criminal trials, the skill of the lawyer in a specific area of expertise is the strongest factor in producing a favorable outcome for the defendant and providing effective crime defense in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

We have successfully represented clients in hundreds of criminal cases; and as former senior trial attorneys for insurance companies, we have successfully represented clients in hundreds of personal injury cases. To see what our clients say about us, visit our testimonials page, and click a quote to view a complete client testimonial.

  • We use our expertise to defend you vigorously. We pride ourselves on ensuring that you receive the best possible criminal defense and personal injury representation.
  • We have significant experience successfully protecting the rights of citizens and non-citizens, and we are successful because we have a thorough understanding of the complexities of the law and your rights within the law


Our criminal defense practice areas include: Drug Crimes, Drug Possession, DWI, Sex Crimes, White Collar Crime, Computer Crimes, Juvenile Crime, Felony, Robbery and Burglary, Violent Crime, Theft, Assault and Battery, Fraud, Domestic Violence, Arson, Hate Crimes, Murder, Criminal Mischief, Motor Vehicle Crimes ,Probation Violation, Misdemeanors and Drug Trafficking.

If you have been convicted of a crime in any of these areas, contact us for a free consultation with an experienced Shenzhen criminal Defense lawyer.

Shenzhen Criminal Defense Lawyers are:

  •  Experienced.

Retain an attorney who knows the ropes, a criminal defense lawyer who can get you positive results and is not learning their profession with your case.

  •  Honest and Sincere.

Retain a criminal defense attorney who has compassion for your difficult situation, a lawyer who is truthful, a warm sincere person whom you can trust.

  •  Affordable.

Retain an attorney you can afford. Only a few people in this world have unlimited pockets to pay for their defense, don't hand over your house. You CAN afford a great lawyer.


DUI Defense

DUI Frequently Asked Questions

Successful DUI (Driving Under the Influence) defense requires experience and training.  The China Commercial Law Firm has both.  To preserve your driving privilege, it also requires quick action. If arrested, call immediately.

DUI cases involve legal and technical issues that must be thoroughly understood to be properly defended.  Technical and specialized DUI legal training uniquely qualify The China Commercial Law Firm to aggressively defend your DUI case on all fronts.

This comprehensive approach will challenge every element of the State's DUI case against you, protecting your rights, your driving privilege, and your future.

Drug Sale

Drug sale is a serious charge and requires an active defense.  Examination of any recordings made, witnesses available and police techniques will ensure your rights, and future opportunities, are protected.

Drug Possession

Even a simple possession conviction can harm your chances for future employment or student loan eligibility as well as trigger a suspension of your driver's license.  A strong defense against possession charges can pay big dividends.

Drug Trafficking

Trafficking charges can apply for simply possessing even small amounts of many types of drugs and can trigger mandatory sentencing requirements.  It is essential that you seek experienced counsel if charged with this serious crime.

Firearm Possession

There are many forms of firearm crimes: possession by a convicted felon, carrying concealed weapon, firearm use during commission of some other crime.  All forms have serious consequences and unique lines of defense.


The legal elements of robbery are very specific and require a careful examination of the facts in your case by a legal professional.


Burglary is a very comprehensive charge that can include many different scenarios.  Often, burglary can be charged along with dealing in stolen property cases even when no direct evidence of a burglary exists against you.


Assault charges stem from a well founded fear that harm is imminent and requires careful examination of the facts and witness statements to be successfully defended against.

Domestic Battery

What defines a familial setting and what constitutes the battery are all elements that require examination by a qualified defense attorney.

Fraud & White Collar Crimes

This refers to a range of crimes involving money, property, or services obtained through fraudulent means, including identity theft and use.


This charge applies to those passing financial instruments that are not valid for some reason.  This can happen without intent to defraud and can often be mitigated by early efforts at making restitution.

Dealing in Stolen Property

Originally meant to apply to those who routinely traffic in stolen goods, D.S.P. is often applied to anyone who pawns or sells something that turns out to have been stolen, even if that person had no idea it was stolen at the time it was pawned or sold.  Often accompanies burglary charges.

Sex  Crimes

There is a wide range of crimes known as sex crimes.  The laws in this area are complex and ever-changing.  It is very important that you consult an attorney when dealing with this complex web of laws to preserve you rights and ensure future compliance.

Driver License Issues

Let's face it - your driver's license is your ticket to employment, shopping, medical care, education, and every other facet of life in a large, sprawling city like Jacksonville.  Any legal issue that affects your driving privilege is worth the investment in quality representation to restore and preserve that privilege.

Old Warrants

Outstanding warrants can be handled two ways - the "arrested and locked-up" way or the right way: dealing with the warrant on your terms by using an experienced attorney before you get arrested.

Violation of Probation

There are many variations to probation.  Each requires an understanding of the court and the judge or State Attorney imposing that probation as well as any special conditions and terms.  Expert assistance can pay big VOP dividends.

Seal/Expunge a Record

Under many circumstances, your record may be expunged, or wiped clean, or at least sealed from view.  This process is done on petition to the court and can help you regain opportunities when applying for a job or an apartment and in other areas of life.  Call us today for a free review of your situation.


Client Testimonial

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