Divorce by Agreement

The termination of a marriage is a challenging task. If you and your spouse decide to end your marriage, you both may be interested in how you can go about obtaining a divorce fast.

Although there are limitations and restrictions, there are some strategies you can employ to get your divorce concluded as quickly as possible.

If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, do not assume you should proceed without legal assistance. Although you are able to communicate with your spouse in a civil fashion--which is helpful--you still need to deal with the complex legalities associated with a divorce.

A non-contest divorce lawyer is an attorney who is able to draft the necessary legal documents you and your spouse require to complete the termination of your marriage.

A common misconception is that an attorney can represent both you and your spouse. In fact, a non-contest divorce attorney technically only represents one of you.

By retaining an attorney who is versed in dealing with uncontested divorces, you are able to ensure that all legal requirements of a divorce case are satisfied.

Accessing the services of a non-contest divorce lawyer allows you and your spouse to have appropriately drafted divorce documents without the expense of two attorneys.

Because a non-contest divorce attorney ethically represents only one party, if disputes arise in the divorce case, it is essential that the unrepresented spouse consider hiring an attorney promptly.

Uncontested Divorce

Working toward an uncontested divorce is one avenue you can pursue in order to conclude the matter quickly. In simple terms, an uncontested divorce is one in which the parties are in agreement as to all of the major issues associated with the termination of the marriage.
In order to be able to conclude the divorce in an uncontested manner you and your spouse need to agree on issues relating to the division of assets and debts, child custody and parenting time, child support as well as maintenance. After the divorce petition is filed, preparing a settlement agreement that deals with these and all other related issues is prepared and signed by both you and your spouse.
Although an uncontested divorce is concluded far quicker than one in which the parties are disputing various issues, a divorce without challenges is not an immediate process. There is a waiting period associated with divorce cases in all states in China. (A common waiting period is six months.) This waiting period must run before a divorce decree can be issued by the court.

Emergency Divorce
Attempting to obtain an emergency divorce is another option that is possible if the goal is a fast divorce. Through an emergency divorce, the statutory waiting period is waived. In other words, provided that there is a settlement agreement, a divorce can be granted virtually immediately after the petition for divorce is filed with the court.
Although an emergency divorce is the fastest possible way to terminate a marriage, judges are not generous in permitting couples to proceed in this manner. The reality is that emergency divorces rarely are granted.
In order to obtain an emergency divorce in most states, there needs to be a clear demonstration that the health of one of the parties profoundly will be affected if a swift divorce is not granted. Absent a showing that a party to the case will be severely impacted in such a manner, an emergency divorce is not likely.

Retaining an Attorney
Retaining an attorney is a wise idea even if you believe that your divorce will be uncontested. This particularly is the case if you want to conclude your divorce in the shortest amount of time possible.
Divorce court procedure is considered complex on some levels. Absent training in the law and experience working with divorce cases, if you represent yourself you are very likely to fumble on more than one occasion when it comes to matters associated with your proceedings. Each time there is an error in a document or a procedural mistake, your case will be delayed--sometimes significantly.
In the end, you have the best possible opportunity to obtain a divorce as quickly as possible if you retain the services of a qualified divorce attorney.

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