Intellectual Property

Software copyright is one of the intangible assets of enterprises, it is with trademarks, patents together constitute the company's intellectual property rights, business investment, shares, and effective financing of intangible assets; is the enterprise application software products, a prerequisite for registration. At the same time easy to enjoy the company certified software companies and various government support and preferential policies for enterprises; in the sale, transfer and licensing of intangible property assessment has an important role. Software copyrights is software developed to automatically generate the date, registration is not the right to produce the necessary conditions. But in the event of software copyright dispute, the "software copyright registration certificate" is a powerful weapon for the right to claim the software, while the courts to the people, the prerequisite for judicial protection. If not registered, the copyright owner is difficult to prove that the completion time and the owner of the software.

One of the best ways for software authors to protect their work in China is to register it with the Chinese  Copyright Office. Registration is easy and cheap. For the significant benefits copyright provides, it’s one of the great insurance deals of all time.

when applying to register software copyright, the main certificates and documentation required shall be:

  • a certificate of personal identification in the case of an application by an individual or a certificate of legal person status in the case of an application by a unit;
  • the written agreement, if a written agreement on title to copyright has been concluded in the case of the various types of software referred to;
  • a letter of approval or authorization from the original copyright holder, if the said copyright holder’s approval or authorization is required in a case where another party’s software is used to produce revised or composite software;
  • documentation of copyright title inheritance or assignment if the inheritor or assignee of copyright title applies for registration.

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