Today's successful companies require a sophisticated, global approach to patent protection.  China Commercial Law Firm is in a unique position to provide clients with high quality patent services in China and abroad.  Our patent attorneys and agents have worked with global firms, and regularly cooperate with patent counsels from around the world to create comprehensive and integrated protection schemes.

Our services include:

  • Advising on strategies for patent protection
  • Preparing and prosecuting patent applications (inventions, utility models and designs)
  • Undertaking patent reexaminations and invalidations
  • Pursuing judicial review of administrative decisions at the court
  • Advising on patent validity and patent infringement
  • Enforcing patent rights through judicial and administrative channels
  • Enforcing patent rights via customs
  • Providing patent searches and watch services
  • Advising on patent related issues arising in commercial transactions including licensing and franchising
  • Providing patent annuity payment and reminder services
  • Managing patent portfolios
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Client Testimonial

One of the best China lawyers based in Shenzhen! I appreciated this Shenzhen lawyer's service because they helped me achieved my goals, though it was a tough mission. They are English speaking lawyers, so there are absolutely no communication barrier you likely encounter elsewhere. What impressed me is these Shenzhen lawyer's quick response and professional service, two characteristics which I treasure most. Although the Shenzhen lawyers are based in south China, they represent clients across the country, so you can also call them China lawyer! - Johnson