Pre-Filing Requirements

1. Trademark Registration Procedure and Timing
China adopts filing first principle. We normally file a trademark application with China Trademark
Office within 1 working day upon receipt of all the desired information, confirmation and
documents from our clients and associates. A straightforward application should pass the
procedures of formal examination, substantive examination, publication and registration, and it
normally matures into registration in China within 24-36 months.

2. Paris Convention Priority

If a corresponding application has earlier been filed in any of the member states to the Paris
Convention, within 6 months of the intended Chinese application, convention priority can be
claimed so that the Chinese application will be deemed to be filed on the same day as the
correspondence application. Priority number and date are required at the time of filing the
application in China, while pertinent priority documents may be submitted as supplementary but
within 3 months after the Chinese filing date.

3. Required Information and Documents

To support a trade mark application in China, the following information and documents are
3.1. The full name, address and nationality of the applicant;
3.2. The mark to be applied for. If the same is in plain block letters, we will prepare the trademark
prints locally without incurring additional charges; if the trademark to be applied for is in
color, please let us have 20 color specimens per mark per class for filing purpose;
3.3. The goods/services to be applied for (our classification is in accordance with the
international classification), and, if the entire class of goods/ services is to be applied for, the
precise goods/services of interest in the event that our Registrar queries the same.
3.4. Power of Attorney signed by the applicant will be required by China Trademark Office at the
time of filing the application (blank form is enclosed). Please note that one signed Power of
Attorney may be used to support several trademark applications filed by the same applicant,
and faxed copy of a signed Power is acceptable.
3.5. A certified copy of the Paris Convention application (together with its certified English
translation) if convention priority is to be claimed.

4. Trademark Searches

Please note that before filing an application, we can carry out searches on client's behalf which
you can ascertain with reasonable accuracy whether there is any identical or similar mark in the
relevant class which in our opinion may conflict with the subject mark, thus saving time for the
intended Applicants in the event that there is such a mark. Please note that the search will not
reveal all the applications under review at the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board or
pending applications filed since 3-6 months prior to the date of search. When reporting on the
results of the search, we will also render our opinion on the registrability of the mark.

5. Trademark Protection in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao

Registration in Mainland China cannot extend the protection of the trademark in Hong Kong,
Taiwan and Macao wherein separate trademark registrations are necessary. And our legal services
also extend to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao, if you are interested in filing trademark
applications in the aforesaid territories and we are very pleased to offer assistance.

6. Trademark Application Sheet

All the information we need is summarized in the trademark application sheet, which can be
downloaded from our website Please fill the same and return it back to us.
Upon receipt of the same, we shall proceed to file the trademark application in China.
7. Fees to be involved
Our Schedule of Charge can be varied in different year. You may download it from our website or
require a most updated one via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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