1. Differences in concepts and identification standards Well-known trademarks indicate the trademarks which enjoy a wide reputation among the citizens in most areas of the nation. Top brands vary from China Top Brand or Provincial Top Brand or local top brand. Well-known trademarks only include the trademarks; however top brands sometimes do not indicate trademarks but the names of enterprises. The identification of brands shall accord to related regulations of Measures for the Administration of Chinese Name-Brand Products. The identification of Well-known Trademarks shall accord to Article 14 of Trademark Law of People’s Republic of China and related judicial interpretations and implementation rules.

2. Different main bodies of identification The identification institution of China Top Brand is Chinese Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Commission (CFBSPC) supervised and managed by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. CFBSPC is not a standing body and China Federation of Industrial Economics (CFIE) is in charge of its daily work. The identification institutions of China Well-known Trademark are Trademark Office and Trademark Review and Adjudication Board of State Administration for Industry and Commerce. In addition, according to the judicial interpretation of the Supreme People's Court, people's courts may provide identification on the reputation of trademarks.

3. Differences in policies of identification and protection China Top Brand receives voluntary evaluation and protection in batches; however the identification of China Well-known Trademark is mainly on individual cases.


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