At present, the search for a word mark, including Chinese characters, foreign words and the combinations thereof, is undertaken by our office through the open database of the Chinese Trademark Office, while the search for a mark with device alone or for the device portions of a composition mark is undertaken by the pertinent department under the Chinese Trademark Office. Search can be also taken based on a registration/application number or on a company name.

  Either regular search or urgent search can be requested. The former takes 5 working days to provide the search report, while the latter takes 2 working days.

  The search covers the prior registered marks, including international registration that are effective in China, and pending applications that have been preliminarily approved but have not been registered before the date of search. The search also covers pending applications that have been recorded in the database before the date of search. However, the search is subject to the limitation that trademarks filed for application within the past six months may not be available for search. Moreover, the search result is only for reference, without legal effect.

  The search can reveal both identical and similar trademarks on identical or similar goods/services.

  Information needed to request search:
   1. trademark to be searched, if it is a device trademark or trademark including device, please provide with a copy of the trademark;
   2. international class and/or relevant goods/service items to be searched;
   3. if a search is based on a company name, please provide with complete and exact company name, in either Chinese or foreign language or both.

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