Maritime Law

Maritime Lawyer

Maritime lawyers are the legal professionals to turn to when you have any problem related to an incident or situation at sea or on a waterway, or involving the voyage of a seagoing vessel. The role of maritime lawyers is to protect and advance your legal rights, whether:

  • you were a passenger aboard a commercial or recreational vessel and suffered an accident
  • you were a seaman working on a vessel, or an employee contributing to its voyage (such as a dockworker or shipbuilder) and suffered an injury or illness while on the job
  • you owned or operated a vessel that was involved in a collision
  • an accident occurred aboard a vessel you owned or operated
  • are a dependent of a seaman who was killed on the job

Many Legal Issues Are Handled by Maritime Lawyers

Maritime law is a separate and distinct field of law, and maritime lawyers have very specific training and knowledge of this field. They handle a broad range of cases, including those involving individuals and corporations. Examples of legal issues handled by maritime lawyers include:

  • Jones Act claims — when a seaman is injured of killed in the line of work, a claim for benefits
  • oil spills from vessels and other accidents that affect an ocean, lake or waterway
  • water pollution claims by individual or corporate plaintiffs
  • contract problems between parties involved in the voyage of a vessel

For Individuals Harmed in Maritime Accidents

If you are among the many individuals who have been injured in a vessel-related incident — whether as a seaman or a passenger, and whether on the water or not — a maritime attorney is your best choice for legal counsel and representation. Your injuries and losses may well be eligible for a legal remedy, including a settlement or award to compensate you for:

  • medical treatment costs (including surgery, medication, medical devices, and nursing care)
  • loss of income due to the injury or illness (including future income you could have made had the injury not occurred)
  • loss of ability to work at your present career (or to work at all)
  • disfigurement
  • long-term care, whether in a facility or at home
  • in fatalities, loss of a loved one

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