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We have a law office in Guangzhou and many of our Guangzhou office attorneys are English speaking lawyer. Locating the best attorney for your corporation will take a bit of planning and research. Your company has a specific set of legal needs and requirements, so hiring just any attorney off the street is never a good idea. Know what you are looking for and learn the questions to ask when evaluating your options. In addition, websites such as offer valuable insights into hiring not only corporate attorneys, but also other types of services your company might need.

Small businesses that are organized as a sole proprietor or corporation both have legal issues that can affect the daily operations of the company. Having an attorney who can deal with such matters as tax, labor laws and regulations, contracts, mergers, and negotiations is important so that you can focus on running your business.

A corporate attorney is knowledgeable about not only business law in general, but specific matters in the corporate arena. Maintaining legal responsibility and playing by the rules and regulations, set forth in the community in which your business resides is critical to continuing success in whatever your line of work. There are lawyers who specialize in all sorts of business industries, so look around to find the best one for your business.

Finding a good corporate attorney for your business need not be difficult as long as you take your time in evaluating your options and you ask the right questions. Ask friends or business colleagues for their recommendations of a good lawyer. If you happen to have a friend that is a practicing lawyer is even better as they may have personal knowledge of an experienced corporate attorney.

Check out your local phone directory and explore various websites of area attorneys. Examine their sites and advertisements to get a feel for the type of lawyer they are. Hiring a top law firm that is fancy and costly is not necessary. Find one with professional and experienced service at a reasonable rate. Check to see what type of business law they specialize in, such as retail or restaurant law. Finding a competent lawyer in your precise field would be of great significance.

Do not be afraid to ask for references from any corporate attorney you are considering hiring. Find out from previous or other current clients if they are satisfied with the lawyer's work. If the attorney is good at what they do, he or she will have no problems finding references to set your mind at ease. Check out the credentials of the attorney and make sure they are a member of the Guangzhou Bar Association.

Spend some time talking to the attorney you are considering as it is of utmost importance that you can get along with this person. If you are like-minded and you feel that the attorney is trustworthy and competent that can go a lot farther than any other factor. Be sure to work out an acceptable agreement and put it in writing. Knowing what you can each expect from the relationship is critical to a happy work environment.

Of course, you don't want to make your final decision without a face-to-face meeting. A consultation will give you a chance to explain your matter and gather information about the attorney. And it will give the lawyer the opportunity to decide whether he or she wants to take you on as a client.

Don't be shy during the meeting. Ask as many questions as you consider necessary to evaluate the lawyer. The more you know up-front, the fewer surprises you'll get down the road. The following list of questions is a good starting point for your initial meeting or consultation.

1. What kind of background or experience do you have in this area? Your attorney should either be a specialist or have significant experience representing start-up companies.

2. How many matters like mine have you handled in the past year or two? An attorney who hasn't recently handled a similar case or problem may not know about pertinent developments.

Talk to us and find solutions when you are doing business in Guangzhou. When you are involved in any legal issue, we can help and fight for you.

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